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Research collaborations across universities walls

I run across this researchers’ network site which is quite impressive, at least in its potentials. Go to  One could construct virtual departments across the world, according to people specific or broad research interest, thus facilitating information and communication and share projects. Few names from UEL and HSS are already there.


University commons

Here is an article by David Bollier on the “Renaissance of the Science Commons“. It outlines few basic dynamic of academic communities to produce and share knowledge  in spite of corporate and institutional pressures for enclosing research within propriety rights fences.  Bollier identifies three means at the disposal of researchers  to regain control over their work “1) commons made possible by new software architectures; 2) commons based on innovative legal structures; and 3) institutional commons.”

ISA forthcoming conferences

issue 68 | november 2009
international sociological association
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6th International Young Scholar
Socio-Economic-Panel Symposium
[PDF file]
Hanse Institute for Advanced Studies, Delmenhorst Bremen, Germany
March 4-5, 2010
Abstracts: November 30, 2009Information and Communication Technologies
and Development. Research Voices from Africa

Makerere University, Uganda
March 22-23, 2010
Abstracts: November 30, 2009

Beyond Citizenship: feminism and the transformation
of belonging

University of London, United Kingdom
June 30 – 2 July 2010
Proposals: December 1, 2009

publications contributions

A Journal of global studies
Submissions: December 15, 2009

Special issue on Transnational Islam
European Journal of Economic and Political Studies
Submissions: March 15, 2010

fellowship | funding | prizes
Post-Doc en Sociologie de la famille et des relations
intergénérationnelles et en Sociologie dans le domaine
des pratiques culturelles

Centre d’Etudes de Populations, de Pauvreté et
de Politiques Socio-Economiques, Luxembourg
Date limite de dépôt des candidatures: novembre 20, 20096 doctoral scholarships in the field of religion and migration
Center for Religious Studies, Bochum University, Germany
Applications: November 15, 2009

Socio-Legal Master Programme
International Institute of for the Sociology of Law
Oñati, Spain
Applications: February 20, 2010

job openings
Tenure Stream – Sociology
University of Toronto Scarborough, Canada
Applications: January 4, 201Assistant Professor / Associate Professor / Professor
Division of Sociology, School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Applications: Applications will continue to be accepted
until the positions are filled
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